400 Ton Two Point Straight Sided Press

400 Ton Two Point Straight Sided Press


The Titan 400 Ton Two Point Straight Sided Press is OSHA/ANSI compliant. These presses are built to our own specifications therefore making them extremely reliable and allowing us to provide all the latest features available.  We have also equipped all the presses with off the shelf electronics and the Cieco Automator press control.

400 Ton Two Point Straight Sided Press


Tonnage 400
Rated Tonnage Point (BDC) 0.275″
Stroke Length 11.02″
Speed (Variable) 0 – 35 SPM
Die Height 21.65″
Slide Adjustment 4.72″
Slide Area (LR x FB) 102.36″ x 43.31″
Bolster Area (LR x FB) 106.30″ x 47.24″
Bolster Thickness 9.06″
Working Height 47.24″
Main Motor 50 HP
Slide Adjust Motor 5 HP
Electrics (230 V or 460 V) / 3 Phase
Overall Size (LR x FB) 139.76″ x 112.20″
Overall Height 188.97″
Air Pressure 71.12 PSI
Total Weight 149914 lbs

Standard Features

  • Recirculating Oil System
  • Wet Clutch
  • Electric Ram Adjust
  • 6 Point Extra-Long Gibbing
  • Hydraulic Overload System
  • T-Slotted Ram
  • Die Light
  • Press Mounts
  • Knock Out Bar
  • Pneumatic Air Blow Off
  • Low Angular Frame Deflection
  • Low Volume Quick Inertia Clutch and Brake
  • Pneumatic Counterbalance with Lubrication
  • Electrically Monitored Recirculating Oil System
  • T-Slotted Bolster Plate Machined to Your Requirements
  • Fully Contained Wet Gear Box Designed for Extended Life and Quiet Operation
  • Stress Relieved Heavy Duty One Piece Steel Frame Ultra-Compact Design
  • Cieco Automator Control with Time Based Brake Monitor
  • Startup & Operator Training
  • All Service is though Stamptech


  • Turn-Key Systems
  • Automation
  • Light Curtains
  • Programmable Limit Switch
  • Custom Robotic Pick & Place Systems
  • Die Protection
  • Swift Trip Mode
  • Tonnage Monitor
  • Decoilers
  • Servo Feeds
  • Conveyors

Variety of Two Point Straight Sided Presses

Our line of two point straight sided presses for metal stamping are perfect for getting the job done at a reasonable cost. If you are looking at replacing an old press or adding to your capabilities, Titan Presses has the right size to fit your needs. Please download our brochure to see all of the specifications for each individual press side-by-side to help you make the best decision possible.

Turnkey 400 Ton Two Point Straight Sided Press Solutions

We can supply a press equipped to your exact requirements or provide a turnkey stamping line. These presses are specifically designed for the U. S. market offering the latest features available & equipped with off the shelf American supplied electrics as well as high end Cieco Automator press controls. These presses comply with OSHA / ANSI standards. The presses and parts are stocked at our facility and may be inspected under power on our floor. Service is also through StampTech.