Titan Gap Frame Press Demo Video

See Our Titan TN1-45 in Action!

New Titan 45 Ton Second Generation Press video. The biggest change is the recirculating oil system, most other presses have a grease system. We use Automator 1 from Cieco’s that is reliable and expandable. This machine is equipped with programmable limit switch outputs as well as die protection inputs. Machines all come standard with electric ram adjust. This system has machine safeguarding in the front and light curtains in the front on our goal post system with extruded aluminum side guards and wire mesh inserts. The press frames are powder coated with a durable finish. In this design we have a universal cobot with a pick and place line. The system is processing our custom aluminum cups coming off our Dorner conveyor system.

Several Standard Features and Options

Our presses can be designed for automatic or manual operation. They can be designed for single stroke, continuous on demand and auto single. We also have a mode called swift trip which will initiate the press with a single ergonomic palm button. With the breaker beam the robot will stop all functions and resume when the area is clear. We also perform a nickel test to demonstrate how stable the machines are.

Custom Automation

On the robots we have a custom end effector, you can also use a suction device to pick up small pieces such as washers or flat pieces. All of the work holding devices were 3D printed at our facility as well as the conveyor pallets. StampTech not only supplies the presses but we are also your automation specialists. We can customize your machinery to fit your needs.

Titan Gap Frame Presses

As a leading press supplier since 1986 StampTech offers our own line of single and 2 point gap frame presses ranging from 25 thru 400 ton. These presses are specifically designed for the U. S. market offering the latest features available & equipped with off the shelf American supplied electrics as well as high end Cieco Automator press controls.