Gap Frame Presses

Types of Gap Frame Presses

Also known as C-frame presses, they are a type of mechanical press widely used in the metal stamping and forming industry. The distinctive “C” shape of the frame provides an open front and sides, creating a gap between the uprights, allowing for easy access to the work area. This design offers versatility in die access and installation, making gap frame presses suitable for a variety of stamping applications. They are particularly well-suited for secondary jobs and progressive die operations, where the workpiece undergoes multiple stamping or forming stages. These presses come in a range of tonnages, accommodating different material thicknesses and hardness levels. Their robust and durable construction, combined with the flexibility in die setups, makes them a preferred choice for manufacturers requiring precision and efficiency in metal stamping processes. Whether used in automotive, aerospace, or other industries, our presses play a pivotal role in producing high-quality stamped components. If you are looking for a used press head over to StampTech.

Single Point

35 – 300 Ton

35-300 Ton Gap Frame Press

Two Point

110 – 250 Ton

110-250 Ton Gap Frame Press