About Us

About Our Company

As a leading Press supplier for over 30 years Stamptech Inc. is now offering their own line  of single and 2 point gap frame presses ranging from 25 thru 400 ton. These presses are specifically designed for the U. S. market offering the latest features available & equipped with off the shelf American supplied electrics as well as high end Cieco Automator press controls.

In addition to Titan Presses, we represent an extensive list of manufacturers for all types of new equipment for the metal forming industry. We carry: Power Presses, Press Brakes, Shears, Press Feeding Equipment (Servo, Air & Cam Feeds), Straighteners, Reels, Die Protection, Tonnage Monitors, Press Controls, Programmable Limit Switches, Tooling (Punches, Die Springs & Sets), Conveyors, Lubrication Systems, and Turnkey Systems.  We have fully stocked service trucks that travel thru out the U. S. to keep you up and running.

We can supply a press equipped to your exact requirements or provide a turnkey stamping line.  These presses comply with OSHA / ANSI standards. The presses and parts are stocked at our facility and may be inspected under power on our floor.  Service is also through StampTech Inc.

StampTech Inc. is a proud member of the MDNA and the PMA. We adhere to their stringent code of ethics and Industry standard business practices.