Straight Sided Presses

Types of Straight Sided Presses

Also known as straight-side presses, are a type of mechanical press widely utilized in the metal stamping and forming industry. These presses are characterized by their four upright columns arranged in a rectangular or square configuration, providing a sturdy and rigid frame. The straight-sided design ensures maximum stability during high-force stamping operations. Straight-sided presses are particularly well-suited for applications that require consistent precision and accuracy, such as deep drawing, blanking, and coining. The open architecture of these presses facilitates easy access to the die area, simplifying die changes and maintenance. With their robust construction and ability to handle a wide range of materials and thicknesses, these presses are essential in various industries, including automotive, appliance manufacturing, and aerospace. Their reliability and versatility make them a cornerstone in modern metal stamping processes, contributing to the efficient and precise production of stamped components.

Single Point Straight Sided

110 – 400 Tons

110-400 Ton Single Point Straight Sided Presses

Two Point Straight Sided

200 – 400 Tons

200-400 Ton Two Point Straight Sided Presses